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Prof. Dr. phil. Anne Sliwka

Prof. Dr. phil. Anne Sliwka

Room 131
Phone.: +49-6221/54-7517
E-Mail: sliwka@ibw.uni-heidelberg.de
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Focus in Research and Teaching

  • Development of schools and school-systems (from an internationally comparative perspective)
  • Professionalization of teachers
  • Leadership and innovation in schools and school systems
  • Diversity, differentiation and inclusion in education
  • Education for democracy and for life in a civil society

Curriculum Vitae

1990 – 1992: Bachelor Programme in Teacher training (qualification to teach history and social/political studies at a Gymnasium) at Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn/Germany

1992 - 1993: Studies of Educational Sciences and Political Philosophy at Christ Church College, University of Oxford; Scholarship from the German National Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)

1993 - 1994: Studies of Educational Sciences and History at the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), ERASMUS scholarship; degree: Maîtrise

1994 - 1999: Doctoral studies at University of Oxford: Educational Science, Social History and Political Philosophy, Rhodes scholarship

1997 - 2002: Teacher at the German Student Academy (Deutsche Schülerakademie), national summer enrichment programme for gifted and talented students in Germany

1999: Ph.D. (University of Oxford), doctoral thesis on the intercultural transfer of education concepts; title of the thesis: Transplanting Liberal Education

1998 - 2000: Project manager at Bertelsmann foundation: International Network of Innovative School Systems (INIS)

2000 - 2002: Junior lecturer with focus on general educational science and empirical educational research at University of Erfurt

2002: Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Erfurt

2002: Visiting Fellow, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education; Internship at Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby/Ontario

2003 - 2005: Project Manager at BLK Programme „Learning and Living Democracy”; Lecturer at the Department for Educational Sciences University of Mannheim

2005 - 2008: Associate Professor of Educational Sciences at University of Trier

2009 bis 2013: Full Professor of Educational Sciences and Pro-rector for research, international relations and diversity at Heidelberg University of Education

Since 2013: Full Professor of Educational Science, University of Heidelberg, and Adjunct Professor Heidelberg University of Education

2017-2018: Visiting Professor Flinders University, Adelaide/Australia and University of Canterbury, Christchurch/New Zealand



Selected recent publications can be found below.
For a complete list of publications please refer to Professor Sliwka's heiBIB-page or download it as a pdf-file here.

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